a bowl of rice a day pt. 2

22 Jul

It isn’t very difficult to go a day without eating– we have all done it.  Most people don’t enjoy the feeling of hunger, but a day without eating anything but a bowl of rice is an inconvenience, at most.  Sometimes you don’t even notice the hunger; it’s that dull.  You notice the hunger after your second day of insufficient nutrients.  You’re hungry.  You find yourself thinking about it throughout the day.  It becomes more and more difficult to concentrate.  By day three, food consumes your thoughts.  You’re HUNGRY.  It’s all you can think about.  You start resenting people who eat.  On day four you throw up.  (Well, I did.)

People say that they hunger for God; that they thirst for Him.  Right.  Raise your hand if you’ve thought about God half as often as I’ve thought about food this week.  I know mine’s not up.


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