a funny thing.

23 Aug

A funny thing happened.

Wednesday:  I stopped using the internet.  I deleted my Facebook, unplugged my wireless card, didn’t use Skype, didn’t tweet.  I was cut off.  (It was also the most productive day of work I’ve had in a long time.)

Thursday:  I met with my friend Billy Riddle, founder and President of Why The Woods.  He asked if I’d serve on his board of directors and be in charge of a bunch of things including but not limited to:  internet activities such as starting and running a Why The Wood’s Twitter and Facebook fan page.

A funny thing indeed.

In order to work on the Why The Wood’s Facebook page, I have to reactivate my Facebook page.  I haven’t had the heart to reactivate it yet.  Well, that’s a lie.  I reactivated it, pushed enter, looked at the screen once it loaded, stated out loud, “This stresses me out.” and immediately deactivated it again.  Baby steps, I suppose.  I did, however, create a Twitter page for Why The Woods.  (www.twitter.com/whythewoods)  Follow us.

From the beginning I’ve said that the “50 ways list” isn’t a strict guideline, but rather a template for how to live life.  This instance is no different.  You have to roll with the punches.  (If you would dare call something as incredibly sweet as this opportunity a “punch”.)  So, I’m back online.  Don’t tell anyone but I’m not planning on reactivating my Facebook for another couple of weeks.

So there.


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