the purpose.

Jesus LOVES, with no regards to race, creed, or gender.  He loves the people we rush past as they humble themselves in order to ask for our spare change.  He loves the woman who makes ends meet between the sheets.  He loves the man who beats his wife black and blue.  He loves suicide bombers, child molesters, racists, rapists, and you and I.

We are a broken people, my friends:  Equally condemned and equally redeemed.

…does that make you uncomfortable?  Does it make you uncomfortable to be lumped into the same group as these “monsters”?  Do you disagree?  Are you offended?  Are you insulted?

It makes me uncomfortable, too.  In fact, so uncomfortable that I’ve decided to once again travel to foreign lands: those that are right in front of me.  There are fifty things on that list.  There are fifty-two weeks in a year.  (Do you see what I’m going with this?)

For the next year, I plan to tackle the list, one by one.  Some will (for obvious reasons) be removed.  Some will be revised.  Some will be added.  Most will remain as they are.  The goal isn’t to “complete” the list in its entirety, but rather to challenge my heart to BREAK for what breaks God’s heart.  To LOVE people that society has deemed unlovable.  To OPEN MY EYES to things I’ve never seen before, to get really, really uncomfortable.

…oh boy, what have I gotten myself into?

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